Small Pig Hand Piece

Exclusive to the Pulse needle-free injection system, the new baby pig hand piece safely propels a variable dose of iron or antibiotics directly through the skin and into the muscle tissue of animals as young as one day of age.

Improved biosecurity
Eliminates needles from the farrowing through finishing operations, reducing the risk of PRRS and other blood borne diseases known to be transferred through contaminated needles from one animal to the next.

Improved worker safety
Eliminates the risk of accidental needle sticks to vaccination technicians and reduces risk of repetitive motion injuries attributed to squeezing syringe triggers.

Reduces injection site lesions
Minimizes risk of infections at the injection site and eliminates risk of striking a bone with a needle

Improves vaccination efficiency
Allows vaccination technicians to inject thousands of pigs per day, significantly more animals than can be injected with a conventional needle and syringe.

Reduces hazardous waste
Eliminates disposal of contaminated needles and other biohazard materials.